Delicious Satay Taichan from Tebet, South Jakarta

Online Insider | Thanks for sneak a peek at my baby born blog in the food blogosphere especially at Indonesian Cuisine. As you know, Tebet is very famous for the food. Starts from the highest standard to street culinary. What you want to eat, where you can find it easily. Yes. One of them is Sate Taichan. Satay Taichan is made from chicken meat grilled with a sprinkling with peanut sauce or soy sauce just like in general. It’s looked like raw meat served with Sambal and line.


Well, this is the atmosphere inside the Taichan satay restaurant in Tebet. All seemed to enjoy and the place was rather full, so had to wait in line to be able to occupy an empty table.

Finally, after a while of waiting and getting a table, we ordered Taichan and rolled egg satay. Really tempting tastes. And true, it feels quite tempting. The satay tastes delicious even though it looks raw because this is called Taichan satay. Enough with chili sauce and lime juice, it tastes really delicious. No wonder many young people are willing to queue to taste the distinctive taste of Taichan satay.


The shop, which was founded two years ago by the husband of celebrity Rachel Ven, offers various types of Taichan satay, from intestine satay, shrimp satay, quail egg satay, skin satay, to sate satay. Not only that, but he also combines Taichan satay with a variety of other dishes such as Ramyeon, Mozzarella, to Aglio Olio.

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Taichan Sate “Goreng” Tebet Address: Jl. Tebet Raya No.70, RT.2 / RW.4, Tebet Timur, Tebet, Kota Jakarta Selatan, Special Capital Region of Jakarta 12820. Opening hours: 11.00 – 00.00 WIB.


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