Lampard Out of Chelsea’s Manager

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Online Insider | Chelsea officially fired Frank Lampard from the position of team manager today, Monday (25/1/2021). The figure who has been known to be so attached to the Blues, with his winning title and record while still playing, only has a short career as team manager.

First Career With Chelsea As A Player

Even though at the start of this season Chelsea was brought in by Frank Lampard to win 9 wins in 14 consecutive games without defeats, it seems that the less slick performance of the Blues has recently upset the club management. In the club’s official statement, Chelsea admitted this was a difficult decision.

Frank James Lampard OBE is an English professional football manager and former player who was most recently the head coach of Premier League club Chelsea. As a player, he is widely considered to be one of Chelsea’s greatest ever players, and one of the greatest midfielders of his generation.

Frank Lampard Shows Gratitude To All His Team

From his social media via Instagram, he pours his feelings after dismissal from the Manager’s bench. He looks very upset because the club never gives him a prolonged chance to take a step higher in his career. But he always proud and honor to manage a big club for the rest of his life.

Lampard also proud of the achievement to take the academy player in their debut and perform well and hope the young generation will succeed to the future for the club.

He did not forget to thank his boss Mr. Abramovich, the board, and the players for their hard work and dedication and he wishes all the team and club success for the future.

That’s very cruel for some people because Lampard is the top scorer until now when he still a player. Many trophies also have been presented to the club but what he gets now. Fired!

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