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Online Insider | Recently cycling has become a popular lifestyle in Indonesia, no wonders that the roads always look busy from enthusiastic cyclists decorate the road, especially on weekends Saturdays, and Sundays.

The phenomenon is inseparable from the news about the smuggling carried out by the director of Indonesian airways, Garuda Indonesia – Ari Askhara in several media. Finance minister Sri Mulyani said that the losses suffered by the state reached billions because of this case. This bike is a Brompton brand from England.

What Is Brompton?

This London-based folding bike brand is reaching its high popularity since the new normal era in Indonesia. Often called the “mother” of a folding bike, Brompton products stand out with their iconic and stylish design. As well as perfect for getting around and exploring the city. The bikes are handmade in the London factory, with a wide range of colors and gearing options. The small wheels on its bike mean fast acceleration from red lights and increased maneuverability through busy streets. Effortlessly folding into a compact size, Brompton bikes can easily be carried onto all forms of public transport, in the boot of a car, and can be stowed away under your office desk or a table in a bar.

History Of Folding Bike

Folding bikes even have appeared since 1887, the creator named Emmit G. Latta. His invention permits individuals to fold a bicycle once used. presently the dimensions of the bicycle is greater than currently. The fold changes the peak of the bike, so shortening it in order that it will increase storage potency.

The invention of folding bicycle technology continues to develop. The engineers created enhancements at the fold purpose. At that point, folding bicycles were typically broken at the purpose of folding. Engineers are thinking of measure the dimensions of the bike in terms of dimension and height. Not solely the length.

These are the list of bicycle recommended just for you:

International Brand:


Local Brand:


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