Dewa Kipas Shows Off His God’s Skill Against Irene Sukandar

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The Indonesian people are currently excited because of the presence of Dadang Subur alias Dewa Kipas. Even in the near future, on Monday, March 22nd, 2021, Dadang Subur is scheduled to face the Grand Master (GM) of Indonesian chess, Irene Kharisma Sukandar.

Dadang admitted that he was hurt by Irene’s statement that he considered Dewa Kipas to humiliate the Indonesian chess arena. Irene also said that there were no chess players who were suddenly good like in comic stories.

“I am hurt by that statement and want to finish everything on the chessboard,” said Dadang.

Dewa Kipas will have a chance to show off the ability to play chess pieces in an exhibition match against the Grand Master, Irene Kharisma Sukandar.

The Fan God or Dewa Kipas caught the attention of netizens after defeating GothamChess in an online chess battle. He has later complained of cheating so that his account was blocked by The incident sparked surging protests from netizens, including bombarding and GothamChess.

Dadang Subur vs Irene Kharisma duel will later be broadcasted by YouTuber, Deddy Corbuzier through his YouTube account. Interestingly, the chess duel match really made euforia to the Indonesian.

The duel was facilitated by Deddy Corbuzier and will be broadcast live via his YouTube account on Monday (22/3/2021) at 3 PM Local Jakarta Time.

This duel is a means of proving Dadang Subur or the fan god, whether he is a World Champion or a cheater.

Many people paid attention to the duel. Even people who don’t really like chess also enliven and are waiting for the duel between Dadang Subur and Irene Kharisma.

This is interesting because previously Irene Sukandar as the first female grandmaster in Indonesia refused to do an off-line match with Pak Dadang, and Irene said that she would help prove whether a fan god was cheating or not by playing chess offline on a chessboard. By playing chess live and witnessed by thousands of people, the truth will be revealed.

And finally the tit for tat facilitated by Deddy Corbuzier, the match will be held live on the Podcast and we can see the real game of Dewa Kipas and Indonesian woman chess Grand Master as proof.

Update the result

The match already held on Youtube Podcast hosted by Deddy Corbuzier, and the result was 3-0 for Irene Sukandar, the Indonesian Woman Grand Master. After the match, Dewa Kipas acknowledge the skills of Irene and admitted that he played below her.

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